Terms & Conditions

Our Warranty is an in-house warranty, all warranty works will be undertaken by The Transmission People.

Refund details

All mail orders may be cancelled within 14 days of RECEIPT OF GOODS DATE for a refund but goods must be returned at customers expense in the condition supplied.

Privacy statement

We do not forward any details to third parties

Terms and conditions

All goods and works carried out by The Transmission People are sold subject to the terms and conditions of the following warranty:

1. This warranty applies for 12 months from the date of sale unless stated otherwise on your invoice, no warranty work will be carried out without the original receipt.

2. During the period of the warranty, The Transmission People will make good any defect free of charge for labour or materials, so long as:
a) The defect is not caused either by misuse, neglect, accident, racing or speed trials, or by any modification, alteration, repair or attempted repair except for such as may have been carried out by The Transmission People or by some other person with The Transmission People’s written consent.
b) The defect is report to The Transmission People in writing (or by telephone, confirmed in writing) immediately that the defect appears.
c) The unit or vehicle must, as soon as practicable, be returned to The Transmission People workshop for examination and for any necessary repair and replacement within the terms of this warranty at customers cost.The Transmission People can arrange collection or recovery at your cost.

3. In the event of any disagreement between the owner and The Transmission People as to the nature or extent of the work for which The Transmission People is liable under the terms of this warranty, the dispute may be resolved by an independent engineer to be agreed upon between the parties, the fees of such an independent engineer to be borne equally by the owner and The Transmission People. Alternatively, the matter can be dealt with by seeking redress in the Courts or by an ADR resolution system.

4. The Transmission People shall not be responsible for payment for any work or materials supplied, other than with The Transmission People’s previous express written consent.

5. Persons dealing with the re-manufacturer’s goods are not agents of the re-manufacturer and have no right or authority to bind it in any way not to assume on its behalf any obligations, express or implied.

6. No variation or modification of the terms of this warranty shall be valid or binding unless it is in writing, signed by a responsible and authorized employee of The Transmission People.

7. Throughout the period of this warranty, the owner shall maintain and service the vehicle in accordance with the original manufacturer’s recommendation.

8. All units must be service exchange or surcharge may apply.

9. Nothing in the above warranty affects the customer’s statutory rights.

10. Any form of abuse or threatening behavior towards any member of our staff will not be tolerated and will result in your warranty being cancelled.

11. Please check the gearbox supplied BEFORE fitting as The Transmission People will not cover any labour charge for fitting an incorrect unit. The Transmission People will collect and replace any incorrectly supplied unit covering all carriage costs.

12. Free recovery is subject to distance

13. Time frames are a guide only and we will not be held financially responsible